Simulated Weather (Taiwan)

Artist Residency at the Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum

At the 2009 NCECA conference I had shown a porcelain cloud with video of a sky projection mapped onto it. Based on that, I was asked to create a similar work on a larger scale for the 2010 Taiwan Ceramics Biennial. The museum staff invited me to make the work there at the museum as an artist in residence, prior to installing and setting up the projection mapping on-site. The resulting piece (made in a total of 5 weeks from wet clay to installed with projection) included a 21 minute long video loop including audio. Within that time period, what started as a mostly blue sky with a few clouds, and sounds of occasional bees and birds, gradually became windy and more overcast, eventually leading to a full rainstorm punctuated by bolts of lightning, and then gradually clearing up again to restart the loop.