Semiotic Series

This group of work features small vignettes or still lifes based on actual objects or groups of things I come across in my daily life -- a box of lightbulbs, a drawer full of silverware, a cast iron skillet, etc.  The projected video is a collage of found and collected still and moving imagery showing either depictions of the rendered objects,  or things and phenomena connected to them by association. These are meant as explicit renderings of the way we understand physical reality -- in particular the way any object we encounter is understood in reference to past experiences. The source images and videos are mainly collected from internet sources, and so to some extent they also represent a kind of collective unconscious representation of some of the subject matter, although even so it is always filtered through my own selection process, so it probably says more about my own associative thinking than it does about pop culture.


Bedroom Floor     [video]

Silverware Drawer


Box of Lightbulbs     [video]

Fried Eggs

Four Steaks