In late 2013 I was contacted by Ryder Richards who was curating a show called “Mute” at Circuit 12 in DallasThis is a video piece titled "rectalinear" from the show "Mute" at Circuit 12 (2/22-3/18/14). At the time my “Semiotic” series was well developed, and my Materiality of Light series had just emerged. According to Ryder, this show was meant to be about: “pieces that have not yet become something or have become too much, work that is not a complete sentence or a treatise that needs humbling… works that can't speak so well, only gesture, maybe they are at a loss.” My response was to look again at what I was doing with projection, but tone it down to something far more basic and perhaps poetic. The piece I did for that show, titled “rectalinear”, involved a video graphic I created to make it appear as if a dash of light had been slowed down, and could be seen emerging from a projector, and bouncing from one to the next of 4 mirrors, till it ended up back where it started and began the process again.

That piece inspired a second piece called “Sequential” which was not in the show Ryder curated, but I think of it as part of a lineage sparked by his prompt, and therefore I am including it here as well. “Sequential” was shown as part of the “Art in the Metroplex” show of 2015 at the Forth Worth Community Arts Center. That work consists of a row of cardstock with circular holes laser-cut in the center, and a mirror at one end. Opposite to the mirror was a projector, playing a video graphic of a circle slowly getting smaller. Since a projection emanates outward in a cone, but the row of circles in the cardstock were all the same size, the circle of light started out by showing up on the first card, and as it got smaller, it showed up on the second, and the third, and so on until it reached the mirror and the process began in the other direction. Therefore, a simple image of a shrinking circle was converted into what appeared to the viewer as a back and forth motion of the light.