Materiality of Light Series


  This group of work represents an exploration of the distortion and textural qualities of video projection in intersection with clay -- particularly clay forms with a strong sense of materiality. The forms are developed around the limiting factor that each piece will be paired with a single data projector, and therefore the projection area must be shaped so that light can reach it from a single point.  The forms are also limited by the intention to have the projection hit the surface at different angles, causing distortions to the pixel grid. I consider the pattern of pixels inherent to the projection process to be analogous to a kind of "materiality", in the sense that any medium has fundamental qualities that can either be hidden (considered as flaws), or celebrated and exploited as a kind of aesthetic of authenticity.



Landscape (#1)      [video]

Landscape (#2)      [video]

Materiality of Light (#8)      [video]

Declivity (#1)      [video]

Materiality of Light (#3)      [video]

Declivity (#2)      [video]

Materiality of Light (#1)      [video]

Materiality of Light (#7)      [video]

Materiality of Light (#4)      [video]