Between 2002 and 2005 I created a series of forms and videos exploring time in relation to sculptural form. The original idea was based on a realization that in the planning stage, forms shift and change, despite usually being static when complete. I wanted to find a way to capture some of the sense of change and transformation in the final work. Ultimately the work ended up being more about a sense of play, and a sense of materiality, especially materiality related to qualities of clay and glaze. When displayed, the videos were set to loop continuously through the course of the show.

It is notable that this represents my first foray into combining digital technology with handmade form, and I still feel that it is a great example of how such combinations can exhibit a synergy beyond the sum of the parts. The digital element brings a quality of movement in ways that the fired clay is incapable of achieving, and the clay objects themselves have qualities — optical, tactile, dimensional — that a flat video cannot achieve.